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Canadian and U.S. National champions with a 17 year history and many championship titles, we offer quality competitive programs for ages 4 to 18+.

What sets us apart from the rest? We were one of the first all-star cheerleading programs in Ontario and have remained the longest running program in Simcoe County. We believe in family, safety and inclusion at the most affordable prices in Simcoe County. We guarantee it! You don't have to pay a fortune to be a part of a prestigious team.

Our coaching staff are fully certified and credentialed in both Canada and the USA and hold valid experience coaching at their credentialed levels.  All staff hold up-to-date first aid and CPR certifications.

Our athletes train in an air conditioned facility on a full 9-mat flexi-roll floor, complete with warm up strips,  tumbling equipment, air tumble tracks and much more.  We also have change rooms, a kitchen, conference room and lobby for spectators.

We offer power tumbling classes in our gym, exclusive to Stingray athletes. These sessions focus on everything from the fundamentals of tumbling basics to advanced skills.

Our complete Stingrays info package includes practice schedules, fees and expenses, uniform and apparel info, tentative competition dates, policies and expectations and a gym contract. All athletes interested in  registering for a Stingray team will receive a complete info package upon request.

It is important that you understand the full season competitive COMMITMENT to this TEAM sport which you are making by accepting a position on our competitive All-Star Cheerleading team.

Committed to coaching with integrity, we promise to give 100% and therefore ask our athletes for the same dedication to the team and to each other. We also ask family to support the athlete in their dedicated efforts.

All-Star cheerleading is one of the fastest growing competitive sports in Canada. Competitive cheerleaders do not cheer for a specific school or sports team. They cheer for themselves and for the love of the sport. Athletes work towards perfecting a 2 ½ minute routine, which will include acrobatic stunting, jumps, tumbling, dance and pyramid building. Competitive cheerleading is a great way to improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, and co-ordination. Being a valuable member of a team is the number one way to build self-confidence and develop social skills. Competitive cheerleading is the ultimate team sport, as it relies on every member of the team to be successful. All-Star cheerleaders work very hard to reach their goals. Give it a try and you will see that being a part of the Simcoe County Stingrays will be a fun and rewarding experience!

We have teams for all ages and skill levels. To become a Stingray, you must attend a practice for skill assessment.  Teams will be divided based on demand and skill level of the squad. We offer a team for everyone, no matter what level you are at. Our gym is all about inclusion and nurturing the growing athlete in a healthy team environment.

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